RU Active Netball

We provide opportunities to play netball in Dubai, and deliver tailor-made coaching sessions to a range of age groups; whether you have played netball before, or are just starting out, we will have something just for you.

RU Limitless

RU Limitless provides you with an easy directory of trainers for you to choose from and start on your path to fitness. RU Limitless provides you with a personal touch in a saturated market that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the UAE.

BLK Sports

You can now shop from a huge selection of BLK pro team sporting apparel as well as the new BLK Core, Performance and Sports leisure sportswear. It’s amazing what can be achieved when you go #beyondlimitsknown


We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty and commitment to our clients



Executive Chairman

“I believe a team is only as good as the people in it, from those in the front line to those in the back office. With that in mind I will always strive to provide the best work place, best conditions and the utmost respect for all, at all times, without exception. As I do this, all the teams I work with will deliver services to the standard that you would expect from the best and therefore protect and allow your assets to thrive.”



Director of Sports

Susanne leads a team of dedicated coaches who provide quality netball training programmes in he UAE. Recent successes include taking an U17 invitational team to the European Championships in 2015 and returning undefeated. She hopes to lead the way for the UAE to gain recognition in netball development, promote women in sport and build UAE talent.




Manager of RU Limitless

Mike has been involved in the Fitness Industry for many years in the senior management and personal training side of the business. “The opportunity to launch Limitless Personal Training was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and RU-Active Sports Services gave me the platform and support to do it. I’m super excited to help trainers from all backgrounds and disciplines launch a successful career as a personal trainer here in Dubai.”

With a unique team of specialised coaches, services & supporting staff, driven by a passion to succeed, RU Active is truly unique and the right choice for the modern day athlete freeing them to concentrate on developing their skills and achieve specific goals and beyond.

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Suite 209 , Palace Tower
Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
Office: +971 4 297 0035

For Netball enquiries:
Please contact Susanne Skelding
Tel No: +971 50 551 7400

For RU Limitless enquiries:
Please contact Mike Rubino
Tel No: +971 55 474 9163

For BLK enquiries:
Please contact Carl Jauncey
Tel No: + 971 55 513 4835

Map House, 3rd Floor
George Stephenson Court
Preston Farm Industrial Estate
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