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Rob Sharpe

Rob Sharpe

Physical Trainer

After a childhood, playing various sports and then studying sport science, my passion for health and fitness continues…………………..

I played football from the age of 8, boxing from 13 and participated in every school sports team I could possible try for. From then I moved on to resistance training/ weight training, and at the age of 18, I like most of us,  just wanted to lift and do as much as possible, not understanding the science and nutritional facts that I do now. As the old cliche goes ” I wish I knew then, what I know now ” 

I proceeded to take my personal training certificates in London,  as I knew from day one that I wanted to help and inspire people to excel and achieve their own  potential goals . I worked for 4 years in London , before moving on to my next port of call, which brought me to sunny Dubai. This is where I found  a new passion for fitness that included competing in WBFF physique shows. Competing in the fitness model category and placing 4th in my first show was a fabulous result and a huge personal achievement . This made me even hungrier to achieve more and push myself to succeed in what I set out to do, by training harder and finding the most effective way through nutrition and scientific methods to reach my next goal. 

On August the 14th 2015 I competed in my second physique show for the WBFF in the fitness model category. After 2 years of training with my goal insight I managed to secure 1st place in Las Vegas,  winning my pro card. Since then many opportunities have arisen for my business: receiving top end sponsorship from a number of companies, and 3 weeks later earning  my first cover shot, on the front cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

Onwards and upwards, my philosophy on health and fitness remains the same and is pretty simple : I want to MAKE a difference to peoples day to day life, including help with motivation, goal setting, and nutrition, which will lead to a positive well balanced life style, granting confidence in an all round prospective, bringing them LIFE CHANGING results. 

Changing and improving peoples lives, to get them to, want they want to achieve is what I strive on, and execute to great perfection. I have experienced and learnt various methods which provide good proven results for fat loss, and physique coaching.

If chipping away is what it takes to reach clients goals and mine, with a 100% commitment , we can achieve together .

Join the team to transform and be the BEST you can possibly be. 


Level 2/3 certified personal trainers

Mobile Personal Trainer

Body Composition Specialist

Studied Sports Science

Strength and Conditioning

Lifestyle Coaching and Wellness

Weight Loss / Muscle Building

Nutrition Certified

Body Toning / Transformation

Nutrition Supplementation

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Physique Coach

Kettlebel Trained

Sports Message

Charles Poliquin Bio Signature Certified

Fat Loss Pro



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